1976 Palm Beach




Sad Sight in Sandusky

Another GMC Motorhome service facility has apparently gone out of business.  

More pictures of Buskirk-Rush's taken December 23, 2005:

Last week the body of the GMC shown below was intact.  This week, not much is left.

Where there were four GMCs last week, this week there is only one.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took on  December 13,  2005 of Buskirk-Rush RV

For Sale Sign

Where there used to be at least a dozen GMCs there are only four left.

The rest of the Buskirk Rush RV GMC fleet.

If you have a keen eye you might wonder what happened to the frame of the blue GMC.  Well Buskirk-Rush's Max told me that he sold it to a company in Canada that makes and then rents out trailers that are used in making films.  You put a car on the trailer and then tow it with a vehicle that has onboard cameras.  The GMC frame was selected because it is very low which makes the car being towed appear to be at the proper height.  Of course they had to build a platform on top of the frame.  Using the frame was a GMC was easier than building a frame from scratch.   Apparently these trailers are called process trailers.  At least this is the story Max told me.  Here's another link to info on process trailers.

Better times at Buskirk-Rush

Aerial Views of Buskirk-Rush

Gilbert's Steakhouse also closed a few years ago and was very GMC friendly.

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