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Sandusky Rally -2001


I was only able to attend the first day of the 2001 Rally in Sandusky, Michigan.  That rally had over 100 GMC motorhomes.  Here's a couple of pictures that I took on Friday while hanging around Cinnabar and  Buskirk-Rush.   I camped in Buskirk's parking lot Thursday night because my coach was still in the process of being repaired after an engine fire.


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Open house at Buskirk-Rush RV.  They had lots of coaches to look at, including a few nice "stretched" motorhomes.  They had a nice lunch for those of us that visited. Open house at Cinnabar Engineering was impressive because of their extensive GMC motorhome parts department.  That's Jack Ford and Dave Campbell talking to Cinnabar's Steve Rourke.  Steve took us on the tour of the facility

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A skid full of original GMC Motorhome Parts Books at Cinnabar.  It will be a while before they run out of those books!  I was told they got a couple of skids of parts books when they bought the GMC parts inventory. Cinnabar's new parts department  They have lots of new and used parts for sale.

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Paul Bartz, Ritch Hwang, Erv Troyer and others having lunch at Buskirk's More Lunch at Buskirk's.

dave campbells gmc and mine.jpg (138088 bytes)

paul bartz gmc getting trimmed.jpg (65766 bytes)

Dave Campbell's great looking coach and my not so great looking GMC side by side at Buskirk's. Buskirk's Bob Ingram and an assistant installing new side trim on Paul Bartz's Royale.  I'm told that Bob does most of the body and paint work at Buskirk's.  Paul's coach was in good hands that day.

lee harrisons gmc.jpg (67843 bytes)

heat_shield1.jpg (87431 bytes)

Leigh Harrison's coach in for repairs at Buskirk's because of an accident when backing up.  He hit his own trailer somehow.. Leigh Harrison has this neat oil line heat shield that I liked.  Very nice spark plug wires too.

major gas lead repair.jpg (132700 bytes)

watching the gas leak.jpg (147192 bytes)

That's Buskirk's Max Pardy under a coach trying to figure out what's causing a gasoline leak. Dave Campbell and Jack Ford observing the action in the previous picture.

cortez 1.jpg (152917 bytes)

Another classic that was parked at Cinnabar. This is the only picture I had of the action at the Fair Grounds where 100+ GMC's were camped.

Buskirk's had an example of a rusted frame.  I sure hope my frame doesn't look like this one.  Replacing that could get rather expensive. How about this approach to adding storage to a GMC.  Just attach a few shopping carts to the rear end.  I hope this guy owns a grocery store and didn't steal the carts.  The license plate indicates he is from Ontario so I really don't know what to say.  Those Canadians have some frugal ideas.  Just ask Mike Beaton







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