1976 Palm Beach





Flight from Rockford


December 15, 2006





I was on business in Rockford, Illinois and flew my airplane to save time.  Here are a few pictures of the trip back.


0503.jpg (37819 bytes)

Here's an interesting modification to an old Twin Beech that was sitting near my parking spot in Rockford..

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Now this would be fun to fly!  My ride is parked between the Albatross and the Cessna 152 in the background.


m1215061.jpg (64665 bytes)m1215062.jpg (21697 bytes)1215flight.jpg (123925 bytes)

On my way back to my home base of VLL I was given a clearance by ATC to fly direct to the boone intersection and then direct to VLL.  That course put me over an airport that I believe has seen GMC Motorhomes in the past.  It also has free Wi-Fi*.  I wonder if I could have picked up the internet via that free Wi-Fi from my plane?  After all it is supposed to be line of sight.


   * "We have 3 outside Access Points with directional antennas that cover about 2/3 of the 7000 feet main runway length. (The last 1/3 is not close enough to a road or parking to need coverage.) I just finished installing the last one last week. We also have two Access Points covering the terminal and the adjacent the two large main hangers. You can sit in your airplane or a vehicle in any aircraft or vehicle parking areas and get free WiFi access. -Ken B. December 20, 2006"


track1215.jpg (50629 bytes)

This image shows the track of my flight that day.  It is available on the internet at no cost. I find it unsettling to know that anyone with a connection to the internet can track any IFR flight in the USA.  This is worse than Big Brother watching, this is Big Brother plus the rest of the world watching!


Pictures of our Cessna TR182





Satellite Surveillance Photographs

Sandusky, Michigan

July 6, 2002



The following pictures of the Sandusky Michigan area  were taken recently by a secret high altitude vehicle.  They show the close proximity of Cinnabar Engineering to Buskirk-Rush RV.  They were literally a stone's throw from each other.  Too bad that Buskirk-Rush RV went out of business in 2005.








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