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Unfortunate Sign of the Times

January 28, 2004

 Unfortunately, due to a very sluggish economy in Jackson, Michigan there will be no more Gilbert's Steak House mini rallies.  We will miss the good times we had.

Thanks Tim & Kathi, we all had a great time and we wish you well!



Mini Rally Pictures

During a better Time

Gilbert's Steak House

Jackson, Michigan

September 25, 2002


Another opportunity for a rally, good food and good company.


From: Paul B
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 9:05 PM
To: GMCnet
Subject: GMC: Gilberts

Mike and Lorraine B. are busy making their way from Nashville TN toward Jackson MI and Gilbert's Restaurant, our own Tim B. proprietor. So, what better reason is there to gather together??

Therefore, for those who can make it on such short notice, we plan to have a get together of GMC folks for dinner this Wednesday evening at Gilbert's. Everyone is invited to attend. Fellowship from 5-6 PM, (since some folks still work for a living!!) followed by dinner at 6 PM.

Paul B - 78 Royale Kalamazoo MI


This is the place and this is what some of us had for dinner.



L-R Lorraine & Mike B., Tim B., Kathi C. and Richard W.


In the foreground we have Josie & Paul B. and Salim H. In the back facing us are Lorraine & Mike B., Tim B., and  Richard W.



Salim H.,  Paul & Josie B.


Josie B., Lorraine & Mike B., Tim B. and Kathi C.


This was a very small rally. 



Oscar Waldo the seller of key chains.


Mike & Lorraine's coach, which  features a large screen TV.  Also notice the dash which was originally  from my GMC.  I like the way they can store stuff in their engine room.


Thanks Tim & Kathi, we all had a great time!



Gilbert's Steak House

Jackson, Michigan

January 17, 2002

From: Paul B.

Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 12:59 PM

For those interested, we are planning a get-together at Gilbert's Steak House Restaurant in Jackson MI on Thursday January 17th starting at 4:30 PM. Anyone is welcome to attend. Gilbert's you may recall, is our own Tim Brown's wonderful establishment.

Come join the group on the 17th for a delightful gathering and enjoy the fellowship. I bet Tim and Cathy will even be there, too!

Paul - 78 Royale Kalamazoo

Here's a few pictures of that event.  Winter weather prevented a larger turnout, but those of us that attended had a great time.  Good food, drink, hospitality and fellowship.    

Dennis and Nancy Simpson with quite a bowl of ice cream. Tim Brown, Paul & Josie Bartz and Tom Callen Jane Marin, Carol Swartzendrubber, Ed Marin, and Ray Swartzendrubber


Tom Callen, Phyllis Callen, Dennis Simpson, and Nancy Simpson


Carol Swartzendrubber, Jane Marin, Ed Marin, and Ray Swartzendrubber


Dennis and Nancy Simpson again enjoying a mug of Tim's dark ale. Ed Marin, and Ray Swartzendrubber Thanks to Paul Bartz for adding a few pictures to my collection.

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