1976 Palm Beach





My Neighbor's GMC Notes 

My neighbor is a retired Chiropractor who is now in his early 80's.  Even though he's a health care professional, he is very good with mechanical things.  He can fix just about everything.  Besides having facilities like the motor home service ramp and holding tank dump station he has just about every tool known to man at his place.  His home is also the only residence in the area that has 3-phase power.  He had that installed to run his industrial grade power tools etc. He's a great guy and couldn't be more helpful to me.  I've known him since we moved to our house back in 1978.  Even though he is in his 80's now, he is as active now as he was back then.  Not many days go by in the Summer when he's not in the yard with his 4-wheel drive garden tractor.

He's the original owner of a 1973 23' Canyon Lands.   With all of his good qualities, my neighbor has some rather unconventional ideas,  attitudes and opinions about certain things.  One of his opinions, that I don't share,  is that you should have tire pressure low on your vehicles in order to have a better ride.  This practice carries over to his GMC.  He keeps about 45 psi pressure in his D rated Michelin tires.  Take a look at his maintenance summary that he recently gave me.  Pay attention to the problems that he's had with tires.  He thinks I'm foolish to pump 80 PSI in my GMC's load range "E" all steel tires.  


The Great Pumpkin


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Great Pumpkin floor plan



My Neighbor's

 Maintenance Summary


He has agreed with me to upgrade to load range "E" Michelin RIB tires.  However, I'm sure they will be inflated to only about 50 and so there goes the extra load capacity of the tires.

He also doesn't believe that there is a problem with wheel bearings.  His feeling is that all the bearing problems are caused by a manufacturing defect in the hubs and not the bearings.