1976 Palm Beach




My neighbor's GMC Service Ramp

This looks like a deck running  off the back of my neighbor's driveway.


Remove a few boards and drive a GMC out on the deck.



This is my GMC moving out on  to the deck, which has

 become a GMC service ramp.




There is room to stand up reach all the components underneath.



This is where I change my oil and do other maintenance jobs.



 I can access everything under the coach. 

The ramp sure beats jacks and a creeper.  The only thing that is missing is heat in the Winter and that's not a problem because I don't drive my GMC in the Winter.

My neighbor also has a dump station by the service ramp.         


Dumping at my 

neighbor's dump

station by the ramp.

I don't know what I would do with out my neighbor's service ramp or dump station..


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