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Airport Bus

This is an old airport bus that's located somewhere in Michigan.  Many of you have seen this unique GMC while visiting Michigan.


Fire And Other Damage

Some interior shots of two GMCs  that need a bit of tender loving care as a result of what was a fire in one.  I don't know what happened to the other GMC to reduce it to this level.  Are these what they call fixer uppers?


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The Taj Mahal

Success, but it wasn't easy.

After a 45-minute search, crisscrossing the area under, in a radius of, and around the Ambassador Bridge and Fort St, we had given up hope and headed to the Auto Show. On Fort St, about a mile E of the bridge (S side of the intersection of Eighth and Fort), sitting way back in a trailer storage yard, we spotted the GMC. Drove up to it to look it over. Coincidently, we found one of Detroit's "finest" sitting in his car back beside a trailer on the edge of the lot. Guess he was killing time, but he didn't bother us????

Took a number of photos of the coach exterior if you or anyone wants them. It's a total disaster. Full of junk and was really surprised a derelict didn't jump out at us. Both front seats are missing and it looks like the interior was set up as an office (e. g. had a very small table with seats on both sides along the drivers side) of some sort. All the exterior clearance lights are non-original. There was a number of Landau type light bars scattered along the sides of the coach. With the cop watching us, we didn't take the time to look at everything.

Anyway the VIN number is: TZE064V100161 and the odometer had 45,456 miles on it.

Paul - 78 Royale Kalamazoo MI

Hi Paul,

I really appreciate your efforts! This coach would have been lost forever, for the description you gave suggests it will be reduced to dust in a few years. I suspect when Andy M's son described this old girl as "rebuildable" he had seen it from the highway at high speed! <VBG>

Anyway, I thought it might be a Sequoia model as the ones built before and after are...any obvious clues that you could make out?

Thanks again!


David Lee G.

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Email that started this quest:

On Sat, 12 Jan 2002 10:03:31 EST someone wrote:

Subject: GMC: Sighting and maybe for Sale

My son in his Freightliner spotted a GMC yesterday in a junk yard in Detroit. Located on Fort street under the bridge to Canada, it's badly colored green, brown, and white but he says it looks rebuildable.

Maybe for Sale.


The Taj Mahal

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