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Stuck While Tailgating

University of Michigan vs Ohio State

Ann Arbor, Michigan  - November 24, 2001


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It doesn't take much to get a GMC stuck.  A little muddy grass is all it took.  I knew this was going to happen when I was forced by the parking lot attendants to park in the practice football field.  Since it was close to kickoff time for the UofM vs Ohio State game we decide to just park and worry about being stuck after the game.


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Sitting all alone in the middle of practice field at the 50 yard line.


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I didn't feel too bad when the tow truck driver sent by RV Alliance got stuck on his way back to get me.  He had to use the boom on his truck to push the truck forward in the mud. It took him about 30 minutes to push the truck to a position about 20 yards in front of the GMC.  There he used his winch to pull me out.  Once I got past the center of the field I was able to drive out to the pavement.   He got stuck in what I figure was the sidelines on the 50 yard line of the well used field.  I was in the middle of the field around the 50 yard line.  Lots of mud!


Ann Arbor Pioneer High School practice football field



Thanks to Paul Bartz and Tim Brown for giving me the phone numbers I needed to get RV Alliance to rescue me.


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