1976 Palm Beach




Shown below are some pictures of what I did when I replaced the oven and cooktop with a new combo microwave/convection oven and gas cooktop.

The wood strips shown above provide support for the new  microwave.  The slots on the board are for the "feet" of the microwave.


I installed a new outlet with a surge protector.  The original microwave was "fried" during a power surge.  Maybe this will help protect it.  This new outlet has its own circuit breaker.


This photo shows the limited amount of clearance in the back of the microwave.


The new cooktop is in place.  I  punched 7/8" holes in the sheet metal under to top of the cooktop to allow hot air from the microwave to escape.  I didn't want all that hot air to be trapped under the counter.


The finished installation.  Even though the cooktop and microwave are separate units it looks like I have a single unit there.  However, if I had it to do over again I would have installed the microwave in a cabinet over the cooktop.  that way I could see the controls while standing up.



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