1976 Palm Beach




Nicely Renovated Birchaven 

For a short time in early 2005 there were 3 GMCs on my street. Mine, my next door neighbors and another guy that was new to our subdivision.  This new guy took an old 1976 Birchhaven and did a complete frame on renovation.  I talked to him briefly when he rode up to my house on his bike while I was working on my GMC.  He told me that he did most of the work himself while storing it in Sandusky at Buskirk's. He had recently retired.  He also told me that he was selling it because his wife didn't like to camp.  It was kind of cool to have 3 GMCs on the block.  Of course his GMC made my Palm Beach look like a piece of s#it so maybe it was a good thing that he sold it.

He also did the same thing to his house.  He took a run down early 50's ranch and turned it into a showplace.  Just like they do on This Old House.

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I took the pictures shown above in July 2005 when the coach was sitting down the street from my house.

The pictures of its interior shown below are from the internet.