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Reading Lights


I have always been bothered by the way the reading lights in the bedroom area of my GMC work. They just don't seem to be bright enough.  I was especially bothered when one of the bulbs burned out (bulb is a #, Cinnabar Part #9425469) and I found that they are $15.75 each.

W1383 Bulb


Rather then pay that I thought I would just buy a replacement from an RV place like Camping World. Reading lights there I found to be about $35 and would more then likely not  be any better than what I already have. Also, after taking one of my GMC's reading lights apart, I found them to be pretty well made, unlike the ones from the RV places that are probably made in China.



Camping World's

Brass Reading Light
Club Pri
ce $33.29
Reg $36.99

After looking at the 1383 bulb I wondered if I had something in my junk box that might work at least on a temporary basis.  Bingo the first bulb I found (#1073) worked.  Compared to the original it seems to put out the same amount of light and seems to not be any hotter.  Maybe this will work.

#1073 bulb, is less than $2.00

and is 12.8V 1.80A SV Bayonet Base

But wait there is more!  I did a google search for 1383 bulbs and found that Camping World sells an Automotive Type 12V Bulb Ref. # 1383 Single Contact bulb for a Club Price of $2.69. Catalog Item # 19429.  The picture on their website looks like the same bulb.

That still doesn't solve my bedroom lighting problem.


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