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Problems with TZE166V100710



November 13, 2005

The following pictures are of problems with my GMC that I recently discovered:


Leaking black water tank

I just noticed this small leak between my black tank and valve.  I tightened the bolts a bit.  We shall see it fixes the leak.

broken dip stick tube

The last time I checked my oil I was unable to get the dip stick back in. This is the reason, a broken dip stick tube.  I did a temporary repair.  But first I realized that since the dip stick tube runs between the exhaust manifold and head it is subject to a great deal of heat.  That heat over the years and miles caused the tube to become perforated.  It was only a matter of time before it fractured.

This is a picture of the part of the tube that ran between the manifold and head.

Thanks to the GMCnet I got this advice from Jim W. on how to repair the tube:

> Richard,
> A piece of 5/15 tube should fit into the piece left in the
> block. It might take a little sanding to get it to fit.
> You can then make a new upper section from 3/8 tube and slip
> it over the 5/16 that is now sticking out of the block.
> As Dan said make sure you know where the oil level is so you
> can make the upper section the proper length.
> Jim W
> Brook Park, oh

That is about what I ended up doing. I found a piece of copper tubing with an ID very close to the OD of the stub of the broken dip stick tube. My neighbor had some stainless steel tubing with the same ID and OD as the bad tube. I used the copper tube as a sleeve to cover the new stainless steel and old steel pieces. I used some high temp copper RTV to seal the pieces. I also used a new compression fitting union that I had laying around to attach the upper tube to the repaired lower tube. I noticed right away that my dipstick goes in much easier than before. This has been going on for some time unnoticed by me.

The oil level shown on the stick seems to be OK too.

Temporary repair that may end up being permanent



cracked boot

I noticed that I now have a cracked boot.  This happened very recently.


I used to have a stainless steel muffler my Onan generator.  I replaced it with a muffler I bought on Ebay because the stainless steel muffler was too loud.  The new muffler was not an exact fit so I had to modify the way it attaches.  It seems to work and it is not as loud.




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