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Onan carburetor heat kit 

On Sunday March 25, 2001 I installed a carburetor heat kit for my Onan.  I've always had problems with ice on days  whenever the temperature is less then about 45 and it is somewhat humid.  Just the days when you would really like to have the Onan running smoothly. 

It took me about and hour to install the unit.  For some reason I didn't get any instructions with the kit that Darren sent me so I had to figure it out on my own.  If I knew the steps I needed to take I could have installed it in 30 minute or less.


This is the kit I got from Darren.  I also bought and installed an air deflector which is the shiny thing on the bottom of the picture.



The first thing I had to do was reroute the gas line from the fuel pump to the carburetor.  I just moved the fitting on the pump and the carburetor about 45 degrees.


This picture shows the new orientation of the gas line.


Then I found that I didn't have enough room to get the "filter box" past the fuel pump, so I moved it as well. This move was  just temporary. 


While I was at it I installed a brand new air filter in the filter box.  Darren does nice work.



You can see here how little room there is to maneuver the filter box in place.



This shows the filter box installed.


Here's the finished installation.  Because it was about 25 degrees and snowing, I did a test before finishing for the day.  I ran the Onan without the hose and it iced up within 10 minutes.   With the hose installed, it ran for over an hour and never iced up.  In fact it seem to run better then it has run in a long time.  Maybe the new air filter helped.

I would recommend this kit to anyone that plans on using their Onan in temperatures less then 45 degrees.

Darren Paget did a very nice job putting this kit together.  The only thing lacking was an installation  sheet.  A minor detail as far as I'm concerned.  This kit was really easy to install.

Here's a link to his page where he shows the kit.



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