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Ragusa's Onan Starter Bracket




Mysterious Exploded Tire

While having service done on my GMC recently I noticed laying in the shop a tire that had exploded.  Here's a couple of pictures that tire.  It was a Michelin and it apparently exploded while just laying on the floor of the service establishment.  It was not on a vehicle or out in the sun when it went boom.  I was told by the guys that they heard this big bang sound and when they went to find the source of the sound they found the tire with a big hole in its tread. It is not clear what caused the tire to explode.

Note the industrial strength blower in the background of the 2nd picture.  That blower is used to find water leaks.


Badly Rusted Front Frame Section

This picture shows a pretty badly rusted frame.  This is not a picture of my motorhome.   I thought like a lot of people that it was only the side rails that rusted but this pictures shows severe rust in the front section of a hapless GMC.  How do you like the way they tried to keep it together?




Electrical Compartment Door Lift

This is a low tech Electrical

Compartment Door Lift.  It is

merely a piece of 2x4 and it works.



Busted Shock Absorber


This was the first indication that

I might have a bad Bilstein

shock absorber.


Apparently the rod is screwed in

to the bracket and then welded. 

The weld broke.



Type 2 air-conditioning Upgrade

This section is under construction. I'll be showing how I modified my type 2 air-conditioning unit to seal leaks and eliminate the 100% outside air continuously for heating and air conditioning feature.  I did this last year and it works great


These are pictures from a recent type 2 heating and air conditioner modification.  I'll write up details of what I did some day.



Repairs and modifications to my air level system.  I'll also write up more about this later.


Ken's New Dash

I think a history of flying jets with small cockpits prompted the design.

F-4D.JPG (71601 bytes)

F4 Instrument Panel


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