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Magazines That Didn't Make it & Old Ads

Motorhome Mechanix & Motorhome Classics


Back in October 2002 I received the following material soliciting subscriptions for a new magazine to be called Motorhome Mechanix magazine.  I was intrigued, especially since there was a picture of my GMC's Onan generator on one of the pages.  I sent in money for two subscriptions to help them get started. This offer was made by the former Editor/Art Director of Motorhome Classics which folded shortly after its October 2002 issue.




Motorhome Mechanix 


Magazine was not published and I never received a refund.



Motorhome Classics

Mainly GMC content with was published with most of the content taken from GMC owner's personal websites.  Several articles were taken from the site you're reading this on. 


Motorhome Classics had this website: Welcome to Motor Home Classics magazine web site

This magazine lasted 4 issues  


June 2002

volume one, number one



October 2002


page 7 The Way We Were is based on my Miscellaneous Documents page


page 15 Tanks A Lot  is based on my LP Gas Compartment Refurbishment page


volume one, number four



GMC Ads in Magazines


My son found these ads in some old National Geographic magazines that I had in my attic. I guess I have too much stuff up there.



The Showplace that goes places


New Winnebago Motorhome for $6,900



..your cruiser was probably built with Starcraftsmanship


April 1977

"..yes Martha there still is a Sportscoach Owner's Club"


Look at this big screen TV for 1977


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