1976 Palm Beach




Engine Hatch Lifts

Jim W. of Ohio has a really neat way to hold his engine hatch up.  Shown below are pictures that I took during the Fall 2007 GMCMI rally in Iowa. I'm going to copy his project.

DSCN1079.JPG (156830 bytes)DSCN1080.JPG (139644 bytes)DSCN1081.JPG (85837 bytes)

From an email Jim sent to the GMC Mail list, Sun 2/3/2008 12:24 PM:

"I purchased the part from McMaster-Carr.

P/N 9416K192 are the gas spring 30lb force P/N 9416K86 are the end sockets P/N 9512K73 are the ball mounts. I used aluminum angle to mount.

Measuring from the rear it is 26" to the ball on the hatch and 11 1/2 on the floor  I don't use a hinge, the hatch fits into a slot in the front. If I need to remove the hatch I just pop the gas springs off the ball and lift out.

 Hope this helps

 It eliminates the embarrassment of explaining why there is a knot on the back of your head and the imprint of the air cleaner wing nut on your forehead


More photos of his hatch lifts and other upgrades:




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