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 Update - July 2009

Because I am very concerned about having another fire in my GMC, I bought some additional extinguishers at a FMCA rally I attended.  They are supposed to be automatic.  There is one for the engine compartment, one for the reefer compartment and finally one for the Onan generator.  That makes a total of nine (9) fire extinguishers that I have on board my GMC.  Even with that complement of extinguishers, the first rule of fighting a fire in an RV is to get everyone out and run from the coach.  Do not try to go back in to save personal belongings etc.

Here's a link to the manufacturer: http://www.firefight1.com

Mack the Fire Guy attends various rallies  across the country where he demonstrates how to extinguish fires.  He also sells fire extinguishers.  I bought several from him over the years.

Mack the Fire Guy at FMCA in Bowling Green Summer 2009

Mack the Fire Guy at GMCMI in Iowa Fall 2007

Follow this link to an online course on fire safety.


fire0034.jpg (61321 bytes) The six  I bought after the fire I had in 2001. These are all foam.  Stay away from dry powder extinguishers.

impg0248.jpg (163112 bytes)The three "Automatic" extinguishers I bought in 2009. The two smaller units are Halon

img0258.jpg (125009 bytes)impg0251.jpg (82908 bytes) This one fits exactly in the Onan compartment.  It is a Halon fire extinguisher. It is according to the manufacturer "Ideal for RV generator compartments."

This is also a Halon fire extinguisher and it is installed in the reefer compartment..

 This is AFFF foam extinguisher ( Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguisher).  The cutaway view shows where it is in my coach.

Having 9 fire extinguishers on board my GMC might be overkill.  Especially since I don't plan on being inside to fight a coach fire if that ever happens to me again. 

Fire Extinguishers

Ever since my fire of 2001 I've been nervous about not having adequate fire extinguishers on board.  I've recently upgraded my arsenal of extinguishers, eliminating dry power and going exclusively with foam.  I will use keep the older dry power units at home and at our lake house. 


fire0031.jpg (52116 bytes) The extinguisher on the left is the same make and model that I used to fight my fire in 2001.  The one on the right is part of a kit that Mac The Fire Guy sells on his website. I bought the bigger one at Home Depot several years ago, however it is no longer available.

fire0032.jpg (53496 bytes) These are the extinguishers that I was keeping in my coach.  The two smaller extinguishers are of the dry powder variety.  I will no longer carry them because of the damage dry power can cause due to the corrosive nature of the powder.

fire0033.jpg (54369 bytes) This are the extinguishers that I purchased from Mac.  The larger one is, according to Mac's website:

"Cold Fire SuperSystem Hand Held Fire Extinguisher

This new innovative extinguisher can be refilled by the customer (YOU), if used just call for a refill and you are in business. This extinguisher contains UL & ULC wetting agent, and is a good replacement for Halon.

This Fire Extinguisher is good for Class A and Class B Fires.

To extinguish a Class C fire, de-energize the fire and then this fire extinguisher is safe to use.

It leaves no mess to clean up and is safe around animals and children."

The kit also includes:

"HAWK All Fire

 The manufacturer recommends this extinguisher for all fires. It is safe around animals and children. This extinguisher is non-rechargeable."

fire0034.jpg (61321 bytes) I will keep all the extinguishers shown here in my GMC.   Hopefully I will be ready for a fire.





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