1976 Palm Beach





Eastern States Rally 2003

Plus a few pictures of a very unique looking GMC



I had my coach weighed the first day of the rally as I was on my way to my site.  I arrived with nearly full fuel, 3/4 tank of fresh water and the LP gas 3/4 full.  I weighed in at 12,200 lbs which is 500 lbs over the placarded weight of 11,700 lbs.  Some of the other owners at the rally said the scales seemed to be showing heavier weights than what they weighed in at other rallies.  I hope that is true.  However, if the scales were in fact accurate I better get rid of some stuff.  Because I can imagine that when I have my wife along with all of her stuff how much more over weight we would be.  It looks like we better go on diets!



Weight Card    76 Owner's Manual


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