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Miscellaneous Documents 

Important Information On Vehicle Loading

Glove Box Decal

Vehicle Financial History System 

GMC Notes - July 1998

Citizen's Band Language Interpreter

GMC Motorhome Traveler Newsletter 

1977 Drivers Directory of GMC Motorhome Dealers 

Glove Box Decal

Label on my glove box.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.




Vehicle Financial History System 

The previous owner gave me a binder that contained a series of computer printouts concerning my coach.  I assume that these printouts are internal GMC documents that relate to the building, warranty and other history of the coach.  The previous owner, Rod Boyes,  was I believe an engineering professor at the General Motors Institute and apparently had friends within GMC that were able to get this information.  Gary Strohschein's name appears on each page.  I have no idea who Gary is.  Possibly he is the GM employee that obtained the printout for Rod.

The report shows that my 1976 Palm Beach has a build date of 75/12/04, yet the glove box sticker shows a date of 11/13/75.  

I'm not the only one that wondered about the difference in dates:

Hi Richard,
You told me your coach's date of Mfg was 12/04/75 which I seem to recall was info on the computer printout you have. According to the photo of your glove box decal your coach was Mfg on Nov 13, 1975.

I believe Bill Bryant may have raised this question also but this is the first time I actually saw the decal.

Curious.....I wonder if anyone understands how GM Truck and Coach managed such things?
Dave Greenberg

More than likely, the date on the glove box decal, Nov 13, 1975, is the date of the build manifest list. This is the date when it was determined how this coach was going to be outfitted, such as color, options, etc. The actual date that the coach started down the build line, or when it left the build line upon completion, is the 12/04/75 date. I doubt if you will ever see the dates reversed, unless someone really screwed up!!  Re: your quote; "I wonder if anyone understands how GM Truck and Coach managed such things?"  It happens!!
Happy GMCing

Bob Drewes

The unit was shipped on 75/12/23 which I bet was the last day of  production for 1975.  GM, like the other auto makers would have been shut down right before Christmas until after New Year Day.  They may have also wanted to get the coach out of the factory inventory before the end of of the year.  

My coach was also invoiced on 75/12/23 to I would guess to GMC's Detroit Zone Office for subsequent sale to a retail dealer.  It wasn't until 76/03/30 that Red Holman Pontiac Company in Westland , Michigan was invoiced for the coach.  The same day it was sold to Kruthsch Heating in Wyandotte, Michigan.  I wonder where the coach sat for the previous four months.

Sylvaio Faford of Fenton, Michigan then purchased the coach on 79/07/27.  I think Sylvaio died shortly after buying the coach. Rod Boyes of Flint, Michigan bought it from Slyvaio's estate and owned it for the next 18 years.  The coach had approximately 45,000 miles on it at the time. Rod sold it to me in 1998 after having driven it for 74,400 miles.  

Below are most of the pages of the report.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size version.



Basic RPO index                Vehicle Data           Option Data

(Regular Production Options)       "Invoice Info"                          




Prep/Warranty Data - There are 22 pages of warranty claims -  click on a few to sample

This contains all the claims up to 14,200 miles.  After that the coach must have been out of warranty.  I guess when they were new there was a lot of stuff to do to them to keep them running. 





Dealer & 

Customer Info        Component Codes





GMC Notes - July 1998

The previous owner made up a summary of the maintenance and upgrades that he did as a sales brochure when he put the coach up for sale. Shown below is that summary: 





Citizen's Band Language Interpreter

I found this card in the glove compartment shortly after I bought my GMC.  I don't think this card was standard equipment for my Palm Beach.  Click on an image to learn what an Old Kitty Whomper is or what it means to Brush your teeth and comb your hair.  

cb_card1.jpg (240340 bytes)      cb_card2.jpg (201157 bytes)

Side 1                    Side 2      



GMC MotorHome Traveler Newsletter

February-March 1976 - First Issue

Features news of the forming of the first chapter of the new GMC Motorhome Owners Club the "GMC" Michigan Wolverines.  The name as changed  later to the GMC Great Lakers.  Legend has it that the name was changed  because a few disgruntled Michigan State Spartan and Ohio State Buckeye fans didn't like being associated with Wolverines, the mascot of the University of Michigan. 


gmc_traveler1.jpg (283801 bytes) gmc_traveler2.jpg (291774 bytes) gmc_traveler3.jpg (301841 bytes) gmc_traveler4.jpg (233917 bytes)



1977 Drivers Directory of GMC Motorhome Dealers

This directory was supposed to assist the owner of a GMC Motorhome with finding the name, location, and phone number of the nearest authorized dealer for GMC Motorhome.

1977directorycover.jpg (38368 bytes) 1977directorycover inside.jpg (44114 bytes) 1977directory_page1.jpg (68340 bytes) 1977directory_page2.jpg (54421 bytes) 1977directory_page3.jpg (61164 bytes)
cover inside cover page 1 page 2 page 3
1977directory_page4.jpg (67689 bytes) 1977directory_page5.jpg (59306 bytes) 1977directory_page6.jpg (59529 bytes) 1977directory_page7.jpg (61793 bytes) 1977directory_page8.jpg (49730 bytes)
page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7 page 8
1977directory_page9.jpg (61331 bytes) 1977directory_page10.jpg (56196 bytes) 1977directory_page11.jpg (38169 bytes) 1977directoryback_inside.jpg (37053 bytes) 1977directoryback.jpg (43398 bytes)
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