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1972 GMC Motorhome?*


Recently I bought a book from a garage sale titled General Motors The First 75 Years of Transportation Products.  The book was printed by General Motors Photographic and was apparently given to all GM employees in 1983 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of General Motors.   In the book there was even a letter from Roger B. Smith, GM's Chairman at the time.  The book is full of pictures and descriptions of most of the cars, trucks, buses and locomotives that GM manufactured between 1908 and 1983.  This book is an official GM publication.   On page 182 there is a picture of a 1972 GMC Motorhome. 



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bulletFor those of you that are wondering.  There is no such thing as a 1972 GMC Motorhome.  This is an example of why you can't always believe what you see in print.


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